dinner's getting cold, you haven't touched a thing. so what's it gonna be? I can hold out much longer than you.

height: 5'5"
lowest weight: 99
current weight: 122
goal weight I: 111
goal weight II: 100

I see it in your eyes, I see it in your spine

I dreamt of you last night and your presence made me happy, until I mentioned someone you love, and you rejected me.

You never needed me, you never loved me, you were only filling in empty spaces.

Now I am empty.

How can I tell people that I want to kill myself without being thrown into a hospital?

I am a failure and I have no desire to be “something great,” because I will always just be psychotic.

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As cliche as I can sound

I just want to lay down with you and love you for just one night, but you would never allow me because you turned away from me.

Did you appreciate me when I was the only person you could relate to? Is everything better in your head because you have a man in your bed?

I love you, but you infuriate me.

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I hear the way you talk about him and all I want to know is,
why did you only need me until he came along?

Why is my existence to you suddenly meaningless?

It’s like you know what I am thinking—I’ll allow your name to pass quickly through my head, and the next day, there is something there waiting to shame me.

I have been avoiding you because all you talk about now, is him. 

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When I see you on my dashboard,

my insides melt, and I only wish you were sending messages to my phone.

I miss you, but how do I tell you without sounding like I am in love with you?

Maybe I am, as cliche as I am sounding, but I love you, and I’m doing this for you.

Notice me, porcelain.

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of the life that was forced upon
me; they saw me kill
him (in fact, they led the
procedure) and then implanted
a device
to remind me I took
a life (after being given one) and I 

must take the place
of the one who deserved
the opportunity on this
goddamn useless

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Fading away to nothing seems like the perfect way to go.

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I heard that writing out suicide letters is really cathartic.

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I am waiting

for the perfect excuse to let death finally take a hold of me.

I want everyone to go away, but at the same time I want them to hold me near, never let me go, and make sure I don’t go anywhere.

Love me or kill me

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my favorite things have some form of the word “starvation” in them.

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